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The place to find your inner girl, woman, sissy, maid, crossdresser, sub girl, princess, diva or dragqueen

At Trans Makeover transformation and makeover services we will lovingly guide you through a stunning transformation into the opposite gender. Experience the other (or maybe even the real) you. We offer many different options in look from glam, to fashion, goth to fantasy. Whatever your style and preferences might be, we will do our best to transform you into the person of your dreams. Makeup & styling by Miss Lux and Photography by Loren.

Do you see yourself as a woman sometimes, but don’t know where to start? Welcome to Trans Academy ‘The school for boys who want to be girls’. At Trans Academy we will gladly guide you on the path of crossdressing or even the start of transitioning. 

We offer one-time lessons as well as lesson plans about make-up, styling and behavior. Lessons by Miss Lux and photography by Loren.

We will dress you like a sissy. Basic makeup or complete makeup looks are possible. During your course you will learn manners and how to properly curtsy. Basic domestic servitude, like serving tea but also cleaning proper. We will punish you if you are not to our standard to push you to be the best sissy you can. So you might get a spanking or be locked up in a cage. A profesional photoshoot can be added. The sissification course can be a one on one course or with Lux and Loren both. 

After successfully completing your course, you will be recieve a certificate.

Mistress Lux is a pro Dominatix. You may also call her Lady or Milady as she has three titels two Scottish and one English. At the age of 18 Mistress Lux came into contact with world of BDSM, she lives a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle and has lots of experience in BDSM. And there are lots op options to choose from. (note she is not a sexworker so no sexual acts are optional during a session). A duo session with Lux and Loren is also a option or a photoshoot of your session. 

Mistress Lux is specialized in feminization, crossdressing and sissification.

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The place to find your inner girl, woman, sissy, maid, crossdresser, sub girl, princess, diva or dragqueen! Join our online community.

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